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Black Phenol

Mother’s Choice :- Shake well before use zed plus phenol strong cleaning action A powerful disinfectant and germicide Posison
Direction For Use ADD 2 Capful zed plus black phenol in mopping water. Recommended for disinfecting Homes, Hotels, Cinemas, Factories, Hospitals, Drains, Closets etc.
Aromatic Therapeutic Cleaner

Mother’s Choice
Toilet Cleaner

Mother’s Choice:-Our range of toilet cleaners is eco friendly and is easy to use. It removes soiling and lime scale from porcelain and enamel surfaces. Our product is hygienic, safe to use, free from any enzymes and other petroleum based ingredients.
Glass & Household Cleaner

Mother’s Choice :-Our range of glass cleaners assure to serve you in the best possible way. Our glass cleaner is used for cleaning photo frames, windows, mirrors, glass topped tables and many more.
Premium Liquid Soap

Mother’s Choice is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hand Wash Liquid Soap in India. Our Hand Wash Liquid Soap is formulated using the best ingredients ensuring mild on skin with no side effects.....
Tile Wash

Air Freshener

MOTHER’S CHOICE :- We offer a wide range of best quality room air freshener to worldwide clients. We, MOTHER’S CHOICE is identified among the trusted Scented Air Freshener Manufacturers and Air Freshener Suppliers in India....
Detergent Cake

MOTHER’S CHOICE :- Introduction: It’s a detergent in rectangular bar or cake form, use for cleaning and washing clothes. Manufacturing process: The process of making detergent cake starts with the mixing of the ingredients. Then the mixed material enters in the machine
Hawan Samagri

MOTHER’S CHOICE :- These incense sticks made of herbal flowers, resins and oils are completely safe with no toxic materials. They have a mild aroma that can make the ambience of any place blissful and soothing. We offer them in various sizes and fragrances such as jasmine
Washing Powder

MOTHER’S CHOICE:- Washing powder with high quality, high foam, perfume and enzyme. FUBAI is our own brand
Henna Mehndi

MOTHER’S CHOICE :- It is used for colouring of hair and drawing tatoos in hand. It is used medicinally and ayurvedic conditions