Wheat Products

Available In 300gm & 150gm

MOTHER'S CHOICE DALIA can be taken as a sweetened preparation with milk, garnished with dry fruits. As a salty snack, bake it and then cook it with Moong Dal in water. Enjoy Dalia as a soup or make a healthy meal, cook it with vegetables.
Available In 300gm & 150gm

MOTHER'S CHOICE VERMICELLI is ultra thin noodles made of wheat semolina. It is known as seviyan in Hindi . The noodles are used in a number of dishes including a variation of kheer, a sweet dessert similar to rice pudding. Vermicelli is also used to make a popular dish called Upma.
Vegetable Noodles
Available In 300gm & 150gm

Packet MOTHER'S CHOICE VEG.NOODLES, 1 Tea-cup Cabbage (shredded), 1 large Carott (Shredded), 2 Capsicum (Sliced), 3 Spring Onions (Chopped), 1 tsp ginger (Chooped).
Roasted Sewian
Available In 300gm & 150gm

MOTHER'S CHOICE Roasted Sewian are made from whole wheat flour. The Roasted Sewian have a nuttier flavor and are medium tan to light brown in color.