Our Products Signify Purity & Quality and are packed and handled as per specifications laid down by AGMARK (Authorized by the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection, minister of agriculture, Govt. of INDIA). We guarantee that the spices bought are Protected, Certified and Quality assured carrying 100% Protection from adulteration.

The consumers of Spices the world over are becoming more and more quality conscious. The importing countries are stipulating more stringent quality requirements year after year.
The board has launched various programs for educating farmers, traders and exporters for improving quality of Indian spices to meet the requirements of the consumers.

We are well equipped with instruments to undertake the analysis of spices and spice products to meet international standards. These offer the analysis of spices and spice product for physical, chemical and microbial contaminants, system have been established to minimize the release of chemical, microbiological or other wastes to prevent pollution wherever practical and cost effective. To improve the quality of spices at the farmers, traders and exporter's level, the board organizes a series of quality up gradation programs. To educate the farmers, traders and exporters on the production of quality spices, board conduct a series of training program at various level.

Our production line has been designed to give us a unique degree of flexibility that enables us to enter to both retail market as well as our institutional consumer who want their individual taste upon the market and thereby establish their separate indentities. A part from the ability to manufacture product in different qualities, we also manufacture a very wide range of products or rather many are of very different Kinds like mixed, pineapple, mango jams and ketchup, sauces, pickles, mango drinks and blended spices, this capability make it possible for us to be on every shelf across India.